Using Nopal Cactus Juice to Reduce Inflammation

buds of nopal plantWith the presence of stressful activities, pollution and unhealthy lifestyles, it is no wonder why there are lots of people who suffer from inflammatory maladies. There are two common types of inflammation which include chronic and acute. Acute inflammation occurs in short duration while chronic usually lasts longer.  There are lots of causes of acute inflammation which include physical damage to tissues or entry of foreign substances such as virus and bacteria. On the other hand,  chronic inflammation is caused by persistent acute inflammation or by autoimmune disease. Although not life-threatening, it is still important to treat inflammation because it can lead to more serious health conditions as well as it can affect the lifestyle of most people.

Used for thousands of years…

There are lots of treatments to reduce inflammation and while anti-inflammatory drugs are still popular, there are those who opt for alternative medication. One of the most popular and effective alternative treatment for inflammation is drinking Nopalea juice. Cactus juice is originally used by tribesmen in Mexico to treat different inflammatory conditions including asthma, gastritis, bronchitis and even hepatitis.

Nopal cactus juice is derived from a common cactus plant called prickly pear. A popular beverage in Mexico and South America, this particular juice has also gained popularity in countries like India, Middle East and some parts of Europe. Drinking cactus juice provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. The juice is rich in amino acids especially Taurine which is a type of antioxidant that helps protect the cells of the body.

Based on Science

There is a scientific basis on why nopal cactus juice is effective in treating inflammatory maladies, and it is definitely not a scam. Cactus contains a lot of important compounds which include vitamins A, C, E, Calcium, Iron, Quercitin, Carotenoids and Rutin. Moreover, it also contains high amounts of sterols, polyphenols and glycoproteins which help reduce inflammation. In a study conducted by  The Sookmyung Women’s University in South Korea, nopal cactus contains high concentration of beta-sitosterol. This plant by-product does not only help reduce inflammation but it also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level and balances testosterone action in the body. What this compound does is that it inhibits the production of prostaglandins which is the hormone that induces inflammation and pain. Thus said, drinking nopal cactus juice is like taking in analgesics.

Drinking cactus juice can help prevent inflammation in the different parts of the body including the arteries, muscles, gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular region.  Drinking the juice does not only improve the condition of patients suffering from inflammation but it also helps patients who suffer from other types of maladies such as diabetes, obesity, constipation and heart problems. Basically, cactus juices help strengthen the immunity of the body.

Various Health Benefits

Drinking cactus juice for its health benefits does not require special preparation. It can be consumed straight or mixed with different types of juices. Moreover, it can also be used in preparing candies and jellies which can be consumed later. For health reasons, drinking one or two tablespoons of cactus juice thrice a day is recommended. However, drinking  a few more is also beneficial.

For this reason, drinking nopal cactus juice is believed to bring improvement to patients who suffer from different inflammatory diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, migraines and psoriasis. Moreover, drinking nopal cactus juice also helps people who suffer from hangover. Although drinking nopal cactus juice can greatly improve the condition of people who suffer from inflammation maladies, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking one as they can interact with some medication. Moreover, you might also develop allergic reactions to it thus it is important to consult with your doctor before taking in nopal cactus juice.

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